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The 2014-2020 Strategy for Community-Led Local Development (Lokalt Ledd Utveckling – LLU) in Sjuhärad is based on the EU’s 2020 objectives and also on the experience that has been built up by many operators in collaboration during two Leader periods

Sjuhärad has a natural geographical and cultural demarcation that is based on a long historical perspective and that is functionally conditioned to this day. The area comprises eight municipalities with a population of 145,117. Borås inner city is excluded from this area.

The vision for Sjuhärad is formulated as follows: “Leader transforms and provides faith in the future” and this constitutes the “story” that guides our work as we formulate our goals and indicators as a basis for processes and projects. The strategy
has a clear basis and is informed by the intention to develop Sjuhärad to create a sustainable society.

The objective of the strategy is grouped under the following points:

  • We meet and develop
  • We see and we assume responsibility
  • We are able and willing
  • We are proud and visible

We have focused our areas of activity on three themes:

  1. Quality of Life, Service and Entrepreneurship and these form the focus of our direction during the period 2014-2020.
    This work forms the basis of the actual work in projects.
  2. Community-Led Local Development in Sjuhärad will operate through the Leader method, in which new models for collaboration are developed and there is ongoing evaluation of structures, processes and projects.
  3. The strategy is being implemented by the Local Action Group (LAG), which is made up of members from non-profit-making organisations and both public and private sectors. The local development office acts as facilitator and promoter of projects and processes by means of mobilisation, information, communication and handling of cases.


Marie Adolfsson, director

46(0) 702 371304

Charlotte Svensson, chairman LAG